Ognen A. C. Petroff MD, FAAN, FANA, FACNS

Associate Professor of Neurology

Departments & Organizations

Neurology: Epilepsy and Neurophysiology | Neurophysiology

Epilepsy Program

Research Interests

Epilepsy & seizure disorders; Cerebral metabolism; Brain glutamate, GABA & glutamine metabolism; Antiepileptic drug actions & brain metabolism; CNS physiology & neurochemistry; Neuroprotection  more...


  • M.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1977

Selected Publications

  • Petroff OAC & Duncan JS. Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy. In: Epilepsy: A comprehensive textbook, Second Edition, Editors: J. Engel and T.A. Pedley. Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, 2008, Philadelphia pp 975-988.
  • Derigioglu N, Garganta CL, Petroff OA, Mendelsohn D, Williamson A. Blockade of GABA Synthesis Only Affects Neural Excitability Under Activated Conditions in Rat Hippocampal Slices. Neurochem Int 2008;53:22–32
  • Eid T, Williamson A, Lee TW, Petroff OA, de Lanerolle NC. Glutamate and astrocytes—Key players in human mesial temporal lobe epilepsy? Epilepsia 2008;49(Suppl 2):42–52.



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